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AudioLink <-> Rondo 3 idiosyncrasies

Mike Austin

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I'm sure I can't be the first person to be "challenged" by the idiosyncracies of wireless connectivity between a phone (for streaming audio), the AudioLink and the Rondo3.  I'm only about a week into using my AudioLink, and I think I've managed to come up with a range of suitable workarounds, but just thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone else has similar observations and whether they have better solutions

My operating environment is:

  • SSD
  • iPhone 12 Pro running iOS16
  • Rondo 3
  • AudioLink - I use this as a mic and for streaming
  • Audio2Ear App when wanting to stream podcasts, audiobooks, text-to-speech, training apps, etc direct to my Rondo 3 form my iPhone
  • I turn on and start wearing the Rondo3 pretty much the moment I wake, up, and leave it on for most of the day (unless doing some sort of sports activity), so its pretty turned much on the whole time.  But I will stop/start the AudioLink, Audio2Ear App, etc as and when I need to.

A few things I've noticed:

  1. Sometimes, when I turn on the AudioLink, it won't allow me to connect to the Rondo 3, as evidenced by me trying to activate the AudioLink mic and not getting any audio through it.  I've traced this down to the fact that, for some reason, something will trigger the AudioKey 2 App to connect to the Rondo 3, which prevents anything else from making a connection to it.  I can see in my iPhone Bluetooth settings that the Rondo 3 is showing "Connected", despite the fact that the AudioKey 2 App is not running (I have checked this numerous times to ensure its not in the background somewhere).  Only way to solve this is to open the AudioKey 2 App then shut it down.  This seems to sever the Bluetooth connection to the Rondo, and I can them get the AudioLink to connect.
  2. If I'm streaming from my iPhone to my Rondo via the AudioLink and Audio2Ear App, and someone calls me, things will stop streaming and I can take the call and direct it to my processor.  When the call ends, it seems random as to whether I can easily reconnect with whatever I was streaming or not.  Sometimes it all just works and I just need to hit the play on whatever was paused.  Sometimes I have to go into the Audio2Ear App and stop streaming, then restart streaming, and it works again.  Other times I have to go through a long winded process of killing off the Audio2Ear App, turning the AudioLink off/on, restarting whatever I was streaming, etc, etc.  I've seen a few comments from people on the Med-El Group Facey page that seem to indicate this is pretty common.



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