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CI for single side deafness


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Hi, I recently became ssd in my left ear. I had some questions about cochlear implants.

1. How does a CI sound in one ear compare to normal hearing from the other, will they confuse eachother or will hearing become normal on both sides?

2. Will CI's prevent any future treatment from stem cells in pipeline.

3. Does it matter how much time passes from when i lost my hearing to getting the CO, as I am very much still trying to make a decision on this. 

4. Would anyone in the same position share whether they thought it was worth it or better just living with one ear. Or perhaps a bone bridge would be a good solution?

5. Has anyone heard of the advancement in completely in ear CIs? I read an article on this but there seems to be nothing since 2014?

Many Thanks

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Welcome to hearpeers

how a CI sounds specifically is an individual thing. It is kind of hard to explain. I am bilateral with CI and everything sounds normal to me. I grew up with normal hearing so my brain has some hearing history to fall back on. 

I am not a doctor so cannot answer your question with a definite answer. From research I have done, stem cell tech. Is many years down the road. In my case personally, I would not be willing to wait as they can't say for sure that it will work. With the CIs there is track record of success in many different types of patients

i did not start losing my hearing until I was an adult. Then it took 20 more years to completely go. With 2 implants, I test at a slight loss of hearing. Each person is different but I have found great success with them 

whether to get implanted is a very personal decision only you can make. If you are frustrated now with your hearing situation, it can't hurt to start doing some research. Becoming as educated as possible will help you in your decision

i believe they are still doing research on completely in the ear CI. As with stem cells, I think they are a long ways down the road. 


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