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AudioStream help

Mary Beth

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@Mary G. Weaver

@Ricky W



Mary- I am not sure which devices you are trying to use your AudioStream with for streaming from phone/tablet…. iPhone or android?

Ricky & Mary- If iPhone here is what helped me (click the gray arrow to link to the post)



If you are having difficulty with your AudioStream, you do not need to wait until our June 11 GoogleMeet for suggestions.  You can schedule a free 1:1 tech support zoom with a Med-El US audiologist by registering here….


or register for a small group walk through with the Med-El team on AudioStream here…


or just reply here and people will jump in to help.


We have many AudioStream users here including



@Jared Charney




Hope you get it up and running soon.


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I have a Sonnet 2 connected to an iPhone Xr and in July I will have 2 of the Sonnet 2s connected.

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See if the info I typed up helps you.  Just click on the gray arrow in the post above to read it @Ricky W

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I have sonnet2eas connected with samsung s23 ultra. I have my audiostream as left hearing aid, oticon on right. I can and have streamed both at the same time. Ive not streamed with laptop as i used audiolink and cables when rehabbing. New phone has no audio plug and ive not tried bt with laptop.

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