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Mac computer possible way to stream audio to both Sonnet/Sonnet2/Rondo3 (AudioLink) PLUS a BT HA/earpod

Mary Beth

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This may be a way to stream audio from a MAC computer to both

Sonnet2/Sonnet/Rondo3 via AudioLink


a BT HA or BT earpod 

at the same time.

https://www.headphonesty.com/2020/07/play-music-through-speakers-while-using-headphones/#:~:text=Use an audio splitter or Bluetooth adapter,-Sabrent external USB&text=A splitter offers a plug,and volume of your sound.

Who wants to test this out and report back?


@Jared Charney


@John R


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I dont have apple but i will try again to replicate my phd audiologist having audiolink do this

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@Mary Beth
I have been setting up my own Audio Outputs using the Midi (Multi device) outputs for years. Yes this is one way to do it however there are some Pros and cons. 

Firstly with Video and with Bluetooth you will experience "lag" lip syncing etc will be slightly off, being a video editor this is unacceptable for me, I need to audio and the video to be perfectly synced, which is why I still prefer to use proper Audio Interfaces or headphone out to a streaming device. 

There are headphones like the Audeara A02's which are Brilliant sound quality and you can EQ each ear separately for your hearing loss and to replicate your Hearing Loss Audio chart. they auto connect to any Mac / PC via bluetooth, but you will still suffer that minor lag. 

Setting up Multi outputs is not that hard, and being BiModal yes you can set output to Hearing Aid and Output Sonnet 2. However depending on your application for doing so depends on the results. 

Bluetooth LE is just around the corner, and already being released in new model devices. LE promises to resolve many of these issues. 




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  • HearPeers Heroes

@John R

Thanks John.  I am so excited for the possibilities with BTLE and AuraCast.

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