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So far SO GOOD!

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Just thought I’d give a little update since activation was this past Friday.

My audiologist and Med-El rep started by having me test out the EAS to see if I liked it. I could discern speech right away. There was an echo and ringing (like feedback) when anyone would speak. Overall, I am happy with it, so they fit me for the ear mold, and I will be getting it in a few weeks. I have the best of both worlds since I also have the Rondo.  Amazing how different the processor sounds without the acoustic (more robotic).  Today, day 4, everyone sounds like Yoda or Kermit the Frog with a little Darth Vader mixed in 😂.

All the equipment, chargers, remotes, accessories, and accessories to the accessories were overwhelming me, so I took time today to organize everything so I don’t have to use valuable brain power to find things and can focus on listening. I was happy to find the right size box with a lid to put my chargers in so my cat can’t steal anything while charging. Pretty happy with the set-up, so I’ve included photos 😃.

At my activation, they could not get the Sonnet configured with my phone, so finally got that and Airstream paired with my HA so now bimodal! Woohoo!

I was too tired yesterday to do any listening therapy, but I did an hour of listening rehab today, and have been wearing my CI processor all waking hours.

So, to summarize, I’m loving it so far!








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congratulations!  It can be overwhelming at first.  LOTS of little boxes.  Smile

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Congrats!! I remember never-ending christmas-like flow from that heavy backpack!!!!

After paperwork and manuals, eu adapters, its was sooo much lighter!!!


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