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Music in true stereo options

Mary Beth

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I have been having so much fun listening to music lately!  After hearing with only one aided ear for so many years, I find myself in awe of true stereo sound.  Different musical information delivered to right and left sides.  It makes me feel like I am sitting in the middle of the music, like I was dropped into the center of the band.  I am loving it!


best options for me so far are....


Sonnets- hands down winner is BOSE QC35 BlueTooth headphones

Rondos- CozyPhones headband headphones or Rondo mini battery packs with bilateral red jack DAI cable


wow.  Amazing!

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I’m looking for options that deliver true stereo (separate left and right audio for music).  These are the options I have tried.  Does anyone know of other options?

-DAI bilateral red jack cable

-stereo music link earhooks 

-around the ear BT headphones

-CozyPhones flat stereo speakers

Has anyone found other options for true stereo (separate left and right music audio)?

Thank you for your help.

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This is great, Mary Beth! Thank you. I use the ear hooks and I am pretty satisfied with them. They are cheap, long lasting (I’ve had mine for around 4 years) and give very decent volume and sound quality. 

It would be useful to consider cost and ease of sourcing something as part of this chart.

I agree that using the telecoil can be highly inconvenient. This is made worse by needing the Finetuner, meaning that if I need to suddenly switch my program out so that I can hear properly, it’s a faff (e.g. getting on a bus and speaking to a driver). I also find I get a lot of electromagnetic interference. 

I look forward to seeing what other stereo options people come up with!

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Good points @MallaRuth!

Cost factor:  CozyPhones and music links are cheapest.

Ease of purchasing:  CozyPhones (Amazon or direct from CozyPhones) and BOSE QC35 BT headphones are easiest to find and have shipped.

Convenience of use:  I am still holding out on this factor and so hope the AudioLink will be true stereo, great sound, not too expensive and easy to use!

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