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Sonnet 3 and Rando 4 News??

Uncle Inno

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When are the New processors with Direct BT and longer Battery life?

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No one knows and even if they did, they can't say. I suspect that the next BTE will have a new family name since Med-El has historically limited a family to two versions. Additionally, new family names are accompanied by fundamental design changes. Me personally, I think it would be legendary if they came out with an Opus 3 but that's unlikely. If they don't do that then they might have Legato in mind (Tempo, Opus, Sonnet...).

Legato: "Joined (i.e. smoothly, in a connected manner)"

As for Rondo. I have no idea. I'd assume they plan on launching a new family name for it. As for what name it may be, I think Mosso is a good contender.

What do you all think?

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@Mary Beth have you heard anything on a new sonnet 2 replacement? You know the one with better battery life, more water resistance, all in a smaller package? 🙂

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Med-El has not released any information about new processors so at this point people are just commenting on what they are hoping for in the next generation of processors.

I am eagerly awaiting news.

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