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Weird issue with AudioLink


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Hello! Been a while since I've been here 🙂

Posting this hear in case any has any immediate resolution, but I may end up calling Med-El. If I get any help from, I'll post the answer here.

Being bilateral, I've grown to love the AudioLink. I use it on all of my calls for work, and sometimes I hard wire it to my iPhone to stream. A couple of days I started having an issue where the right ear doesn't give me sound when streaming. I can click the remote mic button and get sound in both ears; I can even take calls and the sound goes to both ears, but when I stream, I'm only getting sound to the left ear. This issue occurs on my iPhone and laptop. A band-aid fix to this issue was to use the Audio2Ear app to allow streaming directly to the AudioLink, but I'm not a fan of that method.

Anybody have any ideas to what the issue is?

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Are you having this issue only when streaming audio from phone through AudioLink when it is not connected to the phone via cables?


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@Mary Beth

I'm having the issue only when I use the cables, now that you ask that. Seeing now the issue is with the jack. I was wiggling the cord around and was able to get sound into the other ear. Might need to get it swap out. I need to call Med-El anyway for new processors and audio streams.

Thanks for the quick response. 🙂

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