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Ways to keep the Sonnet on adult ears

Mary Beth

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I am so happy you are hearing so well so soon after activation!  That is terrific.

Other people have had problems keeping the Sonnet on their ears too.  There are several things that may help.

-Med-El has an activity hook (It May be in one of your boxes from activation

-Lots of people with this problem prefer mic lock tubing.  This works best if you have detached earlobes.  Med-El does not sell this but it can be ordered online.  And some CI audiologists have it too.


- Med-El sells huggies but they result in tubing behind your ear and it gets bulky.

-Some people use toupee or wig tape 

and there are headbands on Etsy of various designs if people want the Sonnet held completely off their ears.


Good luck!

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Thanks @Mary Beth

I have attached earlobes. I have tried the activity ring and the earpiece still falls off. I will look at the other options you sent. 

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