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Mary Beth

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Hi Mary Beth, 

There is indeed. I have created a test poll here: 

Give it a go!

If it works, I will share some instructions on how you can set one up yourself :). 

Kind regards, 


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Great that the feature is working. Here's how you set it up: 

  • Click on the start new topic button
  • In the content field put a title and comment as usual
  • Click on the "Poll" tab (next
  • image.png
  • Fill in the poll title 
  • Add a closing date (optional)
  • Add a question title
  • Offer some choices
  • Click on Submit topic

Note that you have to fill in the required fields under "content" or you will get an error code. 

The person who starts the pole can see who has voted for what. Others just see how many people voted for what.

Hopefully that makes sense: Try having a go with it and let me know if you have any issues / questions! 

Happy polling! 



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  • HearPeers Heroes

This will be fun!  Who wants to create our first poll?

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  • 9 months later...

I would like to poll on who uses computer apps, and other relevant questions to be decided. The objective would be to get CI users to train more. We wear probably the most expensive device we own so why not get the full potential. 


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  • HearPeers Heroes


Go ahead and create any poll you wish.  All members can create polls.  I found it helpful to add the word POLL in the topic title.  I look forward to seeing your poll.  I am a big fan of any and all types of aural rehab.

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