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Processor will not respond to Fine Tuner

Mary Beth

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My right OPUS2 processor will not respond to any commands from my Fine Tuner today.  Yesterday it was fine.
I have:
changed batteries
Synced it again to the Fine Tuner 
Tried it after syncing it to the other Fine Tuner
Took the OPUS2 apart and reassembled it
The OPUS2 is in the dry kit every night.
Both Fine Tuners continue to work with my left processor.
Has anyone else ever experienced this?  Any suggestions?
I emailed Med-El US audiology.


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@Mary Beth Sorry to hear that.Tech is great when it works.Please let us know what happened.My Roger Pen died a few weeks ago it would not stay in pare mode with cell phone and had problems with Bluetooth took it back to my CI center set it back to Phonak about week later got a new new one.I guess they couldn’t figure it out.I was really lost without Roger so I can only imagine how you are feeling.

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@Dave in Pittsburgh

We deal with lots of Phonak transmitters and receivers in the school system.  Phonak always just sends a replacement item.  

Yes tech is great when it works.  Smile.

I think my right OPUS2 will need to be replaced under warranty.  It is frustrating because it was replaced under warranty just 6 weeks ago for a different problem.  Hopefully the next one Med-El sends me will work for a long time.

Med-El does have great customer service. I appreciate that.

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