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Root canal treatment for cochlear implantees


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Hello All, 

My 3 yr old kid hit his front tooth couple of weeks ago. Now it is turning grey.  So our dentist suggested a procedure similar to root canal to keep the milk teeth intact till permanent teeth comes out. Please share your experience if any one with cochlear  implant has come across root canal treatment . I guess it requires drilling tooth with electrical equipment.  Does it affects implant or processor in any way?

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Hi @Rashmi

sorry to hear about your child's accident. 
I will check with our experts here at HQ and will get back to you asap. 

Kind regards, Verena 

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Hi @Rashmi

If it is a standard root treatment, "just" drilling out/cleaning out/sealing the root channel and  as long as no electrical currents are passing the body (e.g. no monopolar electrocautery) there are no contraindications for this treatment.  

Please check our information on medical procedures as well and share them with your dentist: https://www.medel.com/important-safety-information

The audio processor should be taken off for the duration of the treatment.

All the best for your child!

Kind regards,


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