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I'm getting my implant in 3 days.  My fur babies, Niko and Simon are flame point Siamese.  They are active, vocal, funny and see anything smaller than a glass of wine as a toy.  I understand I will be coming home with serious paraphernalia.  I think I may take an extension cord and place it inside a drawer for all the electronics.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Just as a point of reference - I tried a CROS hearing aid before deciding to go with the implant.  My FIRST day - yes not even 24 hours into it - Simon (the smaller one), decided it was worth eating and had it in pieces in seconds.  Thankfully that was actually covered under the warranty (who would have guessed that?) .  But I have no desire to repeat that drama.

Don't let the sweet peaceful pic fool you - The Siamese playful nature will takeover - little devils!!!

Babies smaller.jpg

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Definitely keep everything out of cat reach!  Easier said than done!  Rondo 2 will have an charging pad and the processor just rests on top.  Very enticing to cats!  Possibly plug that in a room you can close off at night.

Sonnet 2 will have both a rechargeable battery charger (blinking lights) and a dry kit (light).  You may want to keep those in a room you can close off at night too.


Everything else can go in drawers or a closet.

I love the Artone neckloop do always have two of those charging up too.

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@Mary Beth

good advice on that one Mary Beth, one week after activation my Cat used my Rondo as a cat toy at night! I woke up having to search it down only to find out didn’t charge up before she found it! I was deaf for half a day that day! Lol

Rick H

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  • HearPeers Heroes

I'm lucky, neither of our current cats is interested in my CI stuff at all.  Though Spike did once eat a hearing aid - he was younger then. 

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