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After activation

Nischal Koirala

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I want to know how did you guys fell after the activation?

It's my third after activation.Conversations are difficult when there is background noise.I also watches youtube and background music is clear but the presenter's voice is very difficult to hear.

If two people are talking together I can't hear anything.Small sounds are very annoying but it's getting better.Wind noise is also disturbing.



How was your experience after the activation?



Hoping for your Replies







- Nischal Koirala😄😄

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  • HearPeers Heroes

@Nischal Koirala


Early days for you!  A lot will change very soon!

It is so bizarre isn’t it?  A pen dropped  on a wooden desk sounded like an explosion!  Smile.  I could hear my shirt as I moved.  Crazy wild ride as our brains figure out which sounds to pay attention to and which sounds to ignore.


I share my experience listening after activation in this video.



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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi Nischal, three days is very early indeed.  Keep on listening and doing your rehab and your brain will sort it out.

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