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Lori Martin

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Hi @Mary Beth

Yes with my processor I did use the small remote for the levels of one, two, three and four.

If I decide to use my processor I have to shut off and put my processor on the remote to reprogram, but can not use.


I haven't yet been introduced to the other fine fine remote for I still have two more boxes to open when I return to Boston Medical Center.

Thank you for that information that helps!

My sonnett 2 am so far liking but it appears to be somewhat fragile.

The other remote could be in my unopen box.

Still new at all of this.


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@Lori Martin

There is a lot to learn in the beginning for all of us!  Before you know it you will be very comfortable with all this tech!

You will get comfortable pairing the remote with different processors in time.  And then you can switch back and forth between processors and still be able to use your remote.  I use the same Fine Tuner with my Sonnet, Rondo and OPUS2. It only takes a moment to pair them.  In time, you will become comfortable with that too!

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