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Finally made my own secure line for Rondo

Mary Beth

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I have been looking for a way to secure my RONDO1 processors for everyday use.  I have a great secure system to use in/near water or high risk activities but I hadn’t found a secure system I liked to use in everyday life.

I love when people ask me about my CIs so I do not ever feel the need to hide my processors but I wanted the secure line to be mostly invisible yet very secure.

@Valentin showed me how he uses fishing line attached to his glasses.  Works great for him and it’s strong.  I think I would have a problem since I switch between my eyeglasses and sunglasses throughout the day.


So I borrowed Valentin’s fishing line recommendation and attached it to a wig clip.


Very comfortable.  Very secure.  Easy to replace as needed.  Quite inexpensive.


Thanks Valentin!






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Guys, if you need that I show what I have my system, let me know and I show again this Sunday on our conference meeting.


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I would love to see a demonstration during the coffee chat on Sunday. I'm only able to stay for the first hour or so, so I hope we can see that while I'm on. 

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