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BOSE QC35 side tone

Mary Beth

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Hi All

With QC35 headphones I hear my voice just fine

The headphones have 3 noise cancellations modes

Even with noise cancellations on, I can still hear myself just fine. I do like to listen more than talk so I may have not noticed anything gone completely wrong.  With the 100%  DAI cable, for comparison,  I cannot really talk on the phone bc then I really can't hear myself at all. With the BOSE QC35ii I did not encounter the same problem. 

i'm willing to re-test it if anyone wants to give me a call anytime :)


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Thank you - that is so useful to know! I bought some standard over the ear headphones with mic for work calls. The headphones have ANC, which doesn't fully work with me, but it has the effect of muffling my voice to the point where I don't feel comfortable talking in them (although I recorded myself and I know it's coming through super clear!) I need that auditory feedback to be sure I'm speaking clearly! Interestingly, a hearing friend has the same headphones. She said they also make her voice muffled and she sounds like she has a cold to herself, but she got used to it. I guess she doesn't have the same hangups over worrying about speaking clearly that I do, plus I think I rely on that feedback.

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