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Hi... am I a bonebrigde candidate?


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Hello... I am new here. My name is Tanja, I am from Germany and I am nearly deaf at my right ear. I have 2 hearing systems but I can’t used them since someone yelled me into them. A otosclerosis is suspected but the doctor told me that the diagnosis is getting fixed in a surgery. So I read about the possibility of the bonebridge systems. Am I a candidate for this... I hope my english is not too bad... thanks for answering and greetings.. Tanja


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Welcome to HearPeers!  I will tag @MED-EL Moderator.  They will be able to put you in touch with Med-El representatives near you.

Wishing you the best.  Let us know how things go.

(By the way, my hearing loss is from otosclerosis too.)

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@Mary Beth thanks for tagging us! 

@Tanja welcome to the HearPeers forum! I'll send you a private message with the contact details of our MED-EL Deutschland support team who would be happy to support you and answer all your questions :)

Best regards, Verena 

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