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Looking for Sonnet 2 users who also use the Artone BT neckloop

Mary Beth

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Any Sonnet 2 users here who use it with the Artone 3 BT neckloop?  Looking for reports of how it works for you with Sonnet 2.  Thank you.

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Hello @Mary Beth,

I've used Artone 3 Max for a short time with my Sonnet 2 and Phonak Naida B in the other ear and still have it available. This was the only option to have sound streamed to both ears. I used it a few weeks only because the loop receives too much noise everywhere I am (most of the time a 50Hz or 100Hz signal, i live in Europe). I've tried to reduce sensitivity of my Sonnet but this didn't help much. Instead I use my AudioLink for streamed content and of course only on my CI side. Since today I am able to stream to both ears with the AudioLink: Sonnet 2 on the right and Rondo 3 on the left ear. This sounds comfortable for me although actually I don't have much intelligibility in my recently activated left ear (Rondo).

The bad thing in my opinion is the battery drain of Artone BT receiver while connected. My AudioLink lasts much longer.

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Congratulations on your second activation.  So exciting!

After your second side settles in, I look forward to reading your experiences with Sonnet 2, Rondo 3 and the AudioLink as a bilateral user.

Enjoy your journey!

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