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Another Bluetooth Option.


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Recently talking with my audiologist daughter about how I wish I could connect simply to bluetooth with my hearing aid and implant... I stumble across this!

It is ridiculously simple and cheap and the results are astonishing. I really don't know why I had not thought of this before, it is the hearing persons answer to the 'No more 3.5mm headphone plug on moble phones'. I can hear very clearly and I don't know why because although part of this bluetooth set up uses the Direct Audio Input cable which in itself is very good, it is actually better than the 3.5mm plugged in cable alone!

With this simple gadget called a X6 Bluetooth reciever adapter, I can connect to any bluetooth enabled device weather it be mobile phone, Windows10 Laptop, Desk top computer, car radio etc. There is NO confusing, hard to set up software between hearing aids/Implant/s and device. It is a simple plug in, switch on, and play thing. Speech conversations via Zoom, Whatsapp or telephone calls are very good too and perfectly in sync.

The great thing about this is that it only cost £2.99 ($4.17) ($Aus 5.37) with free post on ebay. All I need to do now is to shorten the connecting cable, and then clip the X6 box to the collar of my shirt or even stick it under my hat and I'm good to go. Battery only lasts about four hours but at the price it cost I have another two in my pocket, so when battery is exhasted, just unplug it and plug in a fresh dongle - too easy!

The X6 box is charged by a micro usb cable, and there is also a micro SD card slot which I assume is for your music files, I've not tried this yet.


bt-ha-dongle1.thumb.jpg.93746be040867c22ed0b9ab5d2d608ce.jpg bt-ha-dongle2.thumb.jpg.6e38593c639cab3baf7f8ec843eca077.jpg

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Good idea!  I have a BT dongle that is small and round and clips on a shirt.  It looks very similar to the BT receiver section of the Artone.  It has a 3.5 jack for headphone, DAI cable or Silhouettes to plug in.

I am happy you found a good solution!

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Hi I  just  use an adaptor to my dai cable. 

Your  set up looks  interesting though 🤔


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