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How many times can waterwear covers be reused with new seals?

Mary Beth

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@MED-EL Moderator

It seems like the recommended number of waterwear cover uses has changed.

BTE waterwear covers were sold in packs of 3 covers and 9 seals with instructions to use each cover 3 times.

Now BTE waterwear covers in the US are being sold in packs of 9 covers and 60 seals with a note that this provides 60 uses.  (Covers used about 6 times ??)

But in the EU, BTE waterwear covers are being sold in packs of 3 covers and 60 seals with a note that this provides 60 uses.  (Covers used 20 times)


Will you please clarify this for us?  How many times may a BTE waterwear cover be used ?


And how many times may a Rondo, Rondo 2 and Rondo 3 waterwear cover be used?


It is exciting to see the number of uses increase since that brings down the cost.  




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Hi @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us and sorry about the confusion. We checked with our product experts and here is their explanation: 

First of all, there is no difference between the US and Europe, but changes have been made to WaterWear for BTE audio processor:

In the past there where 9 stickers included and 3 reusable covers, which meant 9 applications. Now 60 stickers are included for 3 reusable covers, which allow 60 applications.

WaterWear for RONDO, RONDO 2 and RONDO 3 includes 3 covers and 9 adhesive strips for a total of 9 uses.

Kind regards, Verena 

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Thank you @MED-EL Moderator.


It’s great that the BTE waterwear packs now enable 60 uses with the three covers!  That really reduces the price per use a lot.

I prefer the Rondo family in waterwear.  The waterwear is form fitting on the Rondos.  I do not even know it is on.  And everything sounds amazing.  So I will stick with Rondos in waterwear.



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