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I just LOVE Rondos in waterwear covers!

Mary Beth

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This week I used Rondo waterwear to allow me to hear during cataract surgery.  @MED-EL Moderator I just love Rondos in waterwear!  Please extend my thanks to your team that designed them.  So comfortable, form fitting to Rondos and awesome sound quality!

Rondos in waterwear to the rescue!  This week my new MAP was put to the test.  Rondos in waterwear under a nammucap (so they couldn’t get knocked off) faced the listening demands of cataract surgery during a pandemic.  Face masks, multiple people bombarding me with questions, surgical room noisy fan and equipment with no visual access, people asking questions from behind me/to my left/to my right sometimes at almost the same time.  And the winner was Rondos in waterwear with my amazing MAPs!  


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@Mary Bethjust want to wish you a quick recovery from the surgery.  (Several years ago my eye doctor said I have cataracts , but I have been too chicken to go.  I never even thought of the not being able to hear aspects.)

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Thank you.  I’m sure you can relate.  I have always been extra focused on my vision as it had been essential for communicating.  So as my vision changed, I was anxious.  Then I received CIs and no longer rely on vision for communication yet for some reason I still had heightened anxiety about the deterioration of my vision.  It’s hard to explain because it does not make sense.  Smile.  But it is true.  So I was anxious about cataract surgery and concerned about being able to hear everything that morning leading up to the actual procedure.  But thankfully my Rondos in waterwear (because they use water during the procedure) really saved the day.  I heard very well and that made me more comfortable.  The actual surgery was fascinating, much to my surprise. One more surgery to go and my eyes will be balanced again.

The difference in colors and brightness is quite amazing already.

When you are ready for cataract surgery, I wish you the very best!

And I am sure some people prefer to be deaf during cataract surgery and not wear their processors.  And that is an equally valid option.

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