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Support Groups for the hearing impaired


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Hi everyone, does anyone know of any support groups or organizations where we can attend group sessions with others who have the similar struggles as we do?  Just like with life, family, things in general. It came up in therapy that I should try to find one--- Particularly due to feelings of isolation i have in general.  

Thank you!


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Before COVID my CI center (NYEE) had a monthly CI support group for adults led by their social worker.  COVID ended that and I’m not sure when it will run again.

@Joan is active in two groups in California.

HLAA has chapter groups.

ALDA has regional groups and will have an in person conference in Niagara  Falls NY in October.

Say What has an in person conference in Pittsburgh in August.

These groups also have social media FB groups and websites.

If you contact them, they may know of more options in your area.

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@Dennisjbr The CI group @Mary Beth mentioned that I’ve been involved with is actually in Fresno through the local agency the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Center. I was sad to leave them when I moved to Santa Rosa since there is no such group or agency in SR. Closest agency is in Walnut Creek which is too far away. I  was asked to rejoin the Fresno group when they started meeting on Zoom during the pandemic but that will likely end next month when they return to in-person meetings again. Check with the San Jose Advocacy Services Office, 650 N Winchester, Suite 3, San Jose (dcara .org; 510-343-6670: info@dcara.org) to see if they have a CI group. The office may be temporarily closed due to the pandemic but I think should be reopening.

Also, I do think there is a San Jose chapter of HLAA California which may have a CI group.

And there’s always HearPeers!😊👍

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