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A re-introduction


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I would like to re-introduce myself as I first logged on way back in 2016 and somehow lost my way. On July 8, 2016, my first implant was activated, and I was amazed at the positive change it made in my life. I never gave myself the chance to come familiar enough with Hearpeers, and I joined the FB page for Med-El users. There I read so much about a second implant and my second one was activated in Oct. of 2017. It was a phenomenal boost in every way imaginable.  I thought I was keeping up with the tech stuff, graduating from Quattro to Roger, to Audiolink, but I think I was fooling myself. I did not use my cell phone except for texting, did not use my phone for music, and I thought I was content. With my upgrade this past week on my right Sonnet, I got AudioStream and a second receiver for my left ear. Terrific. But I couldn't get the two Sonnets to connect. Took me right back to Hearpeers, and as I write this I am listening to music streaming directly to both implants. It's great. It's clear. And I know it's time to get involved here.

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If you are interested in joining in our March GoogleMeet chat with automatic captions, just follow this link and reply in that topic.


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