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Ashraf almanaseer

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Hello Ashraf,

Welcome to HearPeers.  This is a community of cochlear implant recipients.  I am a recent recipient and was activated last month.

Not knowing more about your situation and not being a health care professional, all I can give are my  comments as a recent recipient.  My situation may be very different from yours and the same for your preferences.  For example, I have single sided deafness so I use my CI but don't have the same critical reliance as someone that is deaf on both sides and has only one implant.

In the US, many clinics are two processor clinics.  The result is that I was lucky to receive both a Sonnet 2 and a Rondo 3 so I could delay making the decision of which one. (When I qualify for a replacement in 5 years, I will need to choose just one though.) 

All devices have their drawbacks and as an engineer, I'm pretty picky.  What I have found is that so far I prefer using my Rondo 3 to my Sonnet 2.  Every day for the last week, the Rondo has been the one that I grabbed for the following reasons:

  • Ease of wearing and comfort (no interference with eyeglasses or facemasks)
  • Less "messing around" with batteries - just grab and go (after checking to make sure it fully charged over night).
  • Sonnet 2 regular batteries only last me about 6 to 8 hours so they require changes during the day which means taking them to the office. (The new Max batteries last longer, perhaps all day).

There are so many factors that can further affect the decision that I can't presume to make a recommendation for you such as:

  • Cost differences between devices and personal budget limitations.  You may find @Valentin 's thread about choosing an upgrade helpful.  He has an old Rondo 1 and is considering what to get as a replacement.  He has also been warned that there is likely a surcharge for him to go with a Rondo 3 given his insurance.
  • Your ability to get an upgrade processor down the road (the Rondo 3 has a non-replaceable rechargeable battery so I wouldn't count on more than the 5 year warranty on the processor for use given the wear and tear of charge cycles on a battery).  Sonnet 2 batteries can be readily purchased and you would always have the option of doing standard disposable batteries on a Sonnet 2.

Good luck! 


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As @Timcomment I', 1 side implanted user with Rondo 1. In a near future, I will upgrade to New processor. Options are one unit or behind the ear processor. I prefer one unit processor, but each one have their preferences. In that year, the one unit processor, was a novelty, one unit, no wire it called my attention, and decided to chose this one. 

I feel comfortable with this type of processor. It has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

After read here in forum, I think the best and optimal chorice will be Rondo 2. It has telecoil integrated and no need an intermediate device to use it. Better battery performance and no ticky sound 😕  I will loss Better micro discrimination and use the mobile device to manage it, but I think (personal opinion) for friendly and daily use, it is better the previous unit..

One thig I worried (sincerely) is the day battery life, I hope not to make a wrong decision.



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