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How to isolate your CI ear for rehab when single sided deaf

Mary Beth

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Isolating your CI ear for rehab when you are single sided deaf requires sending the audio to your CI processor via tech.

Some options include

Rondo 3

- AudioLink 

- Artone BT neckloop with Rondo 3 telecoil adapter and Rondo 3 set to flight mode (if a ticking sound is heard)

- flat stereo speakers positioned over Rondo 3 mics (set phone to deliver mono audio to only the Rondo 3 side)


Sonnet 2

- AudioStream direct BTLE streaming from phone/tablet


- Artone BT neckloop with Sonnet 2 in T mode (streamed audio only)

- around the ear BT headphones like BOSE QC35 with the phone/tablet audio set to mono for Sonnet 2 side only 


@Kylie and @Jared Charney and @Tim what did/do you use?


@Robbin J

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I have used with my Sonnet 1:

  1. the cable that came in my set (effective but requires cabled proximity)
  2. Artone neckloop (effective but battery life sometimes a barrier to extended use, great for short stints, have to physically wear the neckloop during use)
  3. AudioStream  (my favourite - decent bluetooth range from device, good audio quality, can wear all day with only small impact on overall battery life of processor, easy to wear anywhere including exercising and housework when I do a lot of my audiobook/podcast listening, some issues with insufficient volume in early use when you want more input)
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I use sonnet2 like kylie:

Cable from tv to audiolink, have to be less than 10ft away for good audio plus restricted to tv settings

Audiostream to android phone, set my omni program before setup for volume. Subject to small phone noises, when streaming from spotify is my rehab and is getting pretty good.

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Love this thread and looking forward to seeing what others have been doing as SSD user!

I'm still getting comfortable with the tools.  I do a mix of things but still have not found something that works well for me to do the rehab with another person (wife is out of Covid isolation but we have not done any rehab together - just don't have a good system worked out.)

I use a mix of:

  • Rondo 3 with headphones (Sony XM5 noise cancelling or construction earmuffs) - using that for zoom meetings, watching TV, listening to music.  Figure it is handicapping my good ear forcing me to use the CI more.
  • Rondo 3 with Audiolink, wired connection to Android tablet for rehab programs (Hearoes & Word Success are my two favorites).  I like that I can simply pull the cord to hear it with my good ear to know what I should be listening for.  Also using it for ebooks with text to speech. Started listening to podcasts slowed down to 0.8 x and with autocaptioning turned on.
  • Sonnet 2 with Audiostream BT connected to my phone for isolation when my Rondo 3 does not get a full charge over night (mumble/grumble).


I have tired other ways of doing rehab (CI isolation for SSD)  but I haven't made it work right for me yet:

  • BT connecting headphones to sources and wearing my Sonnet 2 under the headphones but then my good ear will overpower the CI unless I can get it to
  • Using AudioLink with my AV Receiver (or TV) - seems like then either my wife doesn't hear what's on TV or if it is playing over the system - then I would need to wear headphones again.
  • I'm thinking of getting an Artone to use with Sonnet 2.   I don't like switching my Audiolink back and forth between the Sonnet 2 and the Rondo 3. 
  • Working with my wife on rehab exercises/worksheets without my good ear - "overhearing" and overpowering my CI.


I have my second post-activation meeting with the Audi tomorrow and am looking forward to getting real programs and adjustments!  (The initial programs were just different levels of loudness.)  I saved the thread with discussions about people's preferred programs and the definitions. 


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Have you tried using around the ear headphones with Sonnet 2 with the audio on your phone/tablet set to mono and then select the Sonnet 2 side.  That should deliver audio ONLY to one side of your headphones so your acoustic ear doesn’t help.  If there is a sound leak that your acoustic ear picks up on possibly an earplug may help.

There is no easy way to use live voices without incorporating tech to train when SSD.  You can use the AudioLink as a remote mic clipped to your wife and have her in line of sight but away from you.  You may need to use an ear plug in your acoustic ear.

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@Mary Beth Thanks.  I should give that a try. I had not thought of making the changes to phone/tablet/laptop so the headphones would only be using one side.    

Good to know I wasn't missing anything obvious for working with a partner for SSD rehab.  I've been putting in a lot of time.

Seems like I might need to get some ear plugs too now.  


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I never bothered with partner rehab - it was just too hard to isolate the CI side.  So I just always used my tech devices for listening apps etc.

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I was given plugs to plug my non implanted ear so i did when rehabbing with no accessories but i rehabbed a ton by streaming so didnt need to block un implanted ear

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