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Cost of charging cable for Rondo 3 and if it's worth it?


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Hi All,

Recently I ordered a charging cable for Rondo 3 which I can use for on-the-go charging. My Med-EL rep told me it costs around USD 120 (converting INR to USD).  There is no online marketplace of MedEL accessible to order any accessories in India. We have to go through the Med-EL representative. She also told me there is no warranty of the cable either. 

So, I just wanted to check if anyone is using this cable and if it's reliable.


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@ Jimit, @Mary BethI have commented in the past but I cannot find all of them, however here is a precis of my thoughts.

1. Like the like the cable, expensive though it is.

2. I use it when my Rondo runs out of gas during the day because I can charge the Rondo via a power bank and the cable and use it at the same time. The power bank stays in my pocket. My Rondo is attached to my head with a #1 strength battery so I have to be careful the cable to my power bank doesn't pull the Rondo off my head

3. I use it when, occasionally, my Rondo overnight charging on the pad fails for some reason. Charging via the cable is quicker.

4. I travel with it always just in case I leave the pad at home. (I have a kit that I always travel with).

I am surprised that you have been told there is no warranty on the cable. Here is Switzerland that would be illegal. Everything, by law, has at least a two year warranty. I would double check what you have been told by questioning Medel directly in Austria.


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@Jimit @Mary Beth

I had to buy one charging cable when I had just my left side CI. It was not included in my activation kit. That seems to vary country to country. I purchased mine through Med-El and it was $145 USD plus $9 USD shipping. 

I had frequent charging issues back then with my Rondo 3 and it helped for a while. I ended up getting the Rondo 3 replaced about a week before going bilateral as Med-El determined the processor was faulty. 

I only use it when the charging pads give me trouble. The pads are very particular about the processors being placed just so to start charging and it does not take much to jiggle them loose and stop the charging process. 

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Thanks @Lauren,

I don't have such issues with charging pad. But in my last couple of trips where I had to stay up till late I really find a need of a cable which gives me peace of mind if I just carry this cable and power bank. Hoping this cable is having usb at other end so I can plug it to any power bank and change my Rondo 3 while it still on.

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Thanks @Andrew42, sorry I haven't seen your comment while leaving a message to Lauren, it clears my all doubts. 

And yes please if you can check about the warranty it will be awesome as I am expecting some warranty for the cable as costly as this. :)

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Forgot to mention to make sure you have the right power bank. I can’t currently use the charging cable on the go because my power bank is too strong. I get a buzzing sound when it’s plugged in which is the sound of electricity/current going to the processor. Other users who are able to use it on the go, like @Andrew42 for one have an appropriately powered power bank and do not get that buzzing sound. 

When I asked my local Med-El contacts they said they hadn’t heard from any of their users about it but were the ones who told me I was hearing electricity. 😆. Note to self, still need to get a weaker power bank. 

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That's interesting @Lauren and Thanks for the update. @Andrew42 Can you confirm the spec of your power bank. I might not get the same brand here but at least get one of same spec. Also, needs to check with @MED-EL Moderator if there is any warranty on this charging cable being provided in India?

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I'm not sure what @Lauren means by "too strong".  I am not technical but it would seem to me that the key parameters of a power bank are Capacity in mAh, Input Amps and Output Amps. Of these the storage capacity should only affect how long it may last given the drain from the item being charged. The input amps should only affect how long it takes to recharge. The output amps need to coincide with the item being charged and that, seemingly, could cause a problem.

My specific unit is:

Manufacture: Intenso

Item: Powerbank XS 10000

Capacity: 10000 mAh

Input: Max 2.1amps

Output DC: Max 3.1 amps

I hope this helps.

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Mine is:

Manufacture: T-Core

capacity  10000 mAh

input 2 amps

output 2.1A


Works great. After a full day of listening, a full charge takes a little less than 5%.

Charges the Rondo 3 fairly quickly while actively using it as well.

A charging cable and power bank are essential items in my opinion.

Makes more sense than having a backup charging pad for the inevitable day the first one quits.

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Thanks, @Hicksy. Yes, I too feel it's essential and should have been included in the package. Anyways, happy to pay extra if it does it's job. But I am still awaiting an answer from @MED-EL Moderator on the warranty they provide on the same. 

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HI @Jimit, thank you for your question.

The warranty on MED-EL products depends on the country where the product was purchased. Please get in touch with your local MED-EL representative to find out about that specific warranty period.

Kind Regards, 


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@MED-EL Moderator

Is there a recommended power outage limit on a power bank that is going to be used with Rondo 3 for charging while still listening to avoid the buzz sound @Lauren experienced?

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@Mary Beth, thank you for your question. It will not make a difference whether the power source provides 2W, 12W, or 140W as RONDO 3’s charging electronics will determine how much power it needs. In order not to impair the charging process though, the charging source must be able to supply at least 2W. 

Additionally, our team here at headquarters will continue to look into the buzzing issue that @Lauren experienced. 

Kind regards,


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