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Bilateral hearing aids


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Dear friends,


Here in Bahrain they do CI only for one ear for free but second one you should pay.

However, they offer me for bilateral implant but I’m satisfied and the second device will help another child need CI. So there is any suggestions I make both side or keep it only one side.

The only issue I hated is I cannot recognize sound coming from which side but that not big deal.

kindly, I do the right thing to let another child benefit from CI offered me?


Best regards 


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Hi Hameed,


What a difficult predicament to be in.  Are you sure that if you accept the offer of a second CI, that means that a child will not receive a CI?  Is it possible that they just happen to have an extra CI at this time?


I loved hearing with one CI.  It was life changing and fabulous.  I did not use a HA on the other side after a few months because it no longer helped.  I functioned great.

I was eager to implant my second side and gain the benefits of

-locating sounds

-easier listening in general

-better hearing in noise


Being bilateral has way exceeded my hopes.  It is beyond fabulous.  And I wish it was an option for all adults in all countries.


Hopefully the offer for you to receive a second CI is not taking a CI from a child.

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Because here in Bahrain there is an annual budget allocated to purchase CI, and we have list with patients who need to CI. However, for an example this year they allocated budget for 100 CI and in the waiting list 100 patient also if I take one device it will be not fair because my name not listed in waiting list and my country offered only CI for free.

They change devices each 7 years, but we have a problem because government submits a tender for (MedEl, Cochlear and AB) so now for more than last 5 years Ministery of Health in Bahrain deal with MedEl so I knew so many patients their CI from Cochlear company and there are long procedures to replace the CI after 7 years because tenders referred to MedEl

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It sounds complicated indeed.  Canadian and UK CI users have reported that adults receive one CI through their national health programs as well.  Some adults in Canada have been able to receive a second CI by participating in research.  

Each country has its own approach to health care and to CIs for adult users.  In the US, CIs are not free under most health insurance plans.   Depending on annual deductible and maximum out of pocket amounts, the cost for even the first CI for adults varies.  Some adults may pay zero or close to zero while many other adults pay thousands of dollars.

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