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New CI candidate


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Hello Everyone!

My name is Donnell and I am a 40 year old new CI candidate. I have decided to move forward with the CI process. As you can probably imagine I have a million things on my mind that I want to ask about the CI process including surgery (I’m nervous and excited about the surgery part weird Isn’t it 😅) and post Surgery expectations, what brand CI I should get and of course what should I expect after turning on my processor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Hello Donnell and welcome to HearPeers!


I chose Med-El for their electrode array options and love my CIs.  You will find lots of info here.  Just search via the search box or browse through the topics.

My surgeries were outpatient and recoveries were very easy.

I was activated about 3.5 weeks after the surgeries.

It is a terrific journey.

I go to NYEE in NYC.  Which CI center are you going to?


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@MrVe9as Hello Donnell!  The surgeries are not difficult, both of mine were quick recoveries.  It's outpatient so you can recover in comfort at home!  I was activated three weeks after each surgery.   I chose Med-El for MRI safety, general reliability and backwards compatibility.  I'm happy with my choice.  It is, as @Mary Beth said elsewhere, a great time to be deaf!  I went to a museum yesterday and was able to hear a short film that introduced the exhibit I'd gone to see.

It's years since I could hear anything like that!  Hearing with CIs is not an instant fix but it's well worth the effort.

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