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Hi I'm back!!


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Sometime ago I had introduced myself. There has been a long gap!! I know, I know.😯. Not said much due to a v long wait.

So , a lot has been going on. I'll try and keep it short.😀😄

Firstly, my consultant died..😱

So no appointments 😱

Inbetween all of this my dad had two strokes.😱😱

still no appointments 😱 🥳

August 2019. After a v long wait with a help of family spanish friends, we managed to get an appointment with the head of the audiology dept.🎉

(If you think it's a long time it is; by next summer 4 yrs. It is normal but bad as well.  Our Spanish family friend Mum had to wait 5 yrs to get a result and hers was not a hearing problem!!😱).

No reason for the long wait but the new consultant insisted on having a new cat scan and hearing test. Although admits that I have waited too long. From his point of view all previous assessments were out of date therefore not valid for him to work from...... And all have to be re done by end of October.😤

October. Scan, hearing test done, another appointment for yes or no. 👍

I'm officially now a CI candidate. Yay!! 👍😀🎊🎉

I'll be receiving my implant by next summer..😬 would love it before then......

I'm on a list, due to the hospital being the only one in Andalusia that will do the op, it's expensive and only once a month. Hence the long wait.😬😱

One more appointment next week on Monday. Hmm.

I had an appointment which was question and answer type meeting. At that appointment the consultant said that the implant will go in my left ear not my right which the last consultant insisted as I have had a hearing aid in the left.

Difference in opinion...hmm.😕

I am puzzled by a comment he made. His reasoning for the implant to be in the  left ear was that the right ear was too small and that it was dead?!! 😣 confused??!!

So now trying to get into my head the fact that I will be hearing only in one ear minus the help of a hearing aid in the other.😱😲

More appointments in the New Year more than likely, unless there's a change of plan!!!😀

So there you go. Think I've caught up....😜










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  • HearPeers Heroes

Wow that was a lot of happenings!  Glad you are getting closer to your surgery date @Tracey_66!

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Welcome back, @Tracey_66!  It sounds like you're getting some momentum now.  Good luck!

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Yesterday kind of weird, signed the consent form for the consultant and for the op. We found out while at the desk for the  waiting list for operations, that it's not likely to be in the summer now, so we're thinking late spring. So for now just a matter of wait and see. Definitely going in the right direction!! Can't wait.💃

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  • 2 months later...

Eeek! Just accepted a job and the Hospital has rung to say I have an appointment on the 28th January, pre op stuff and vaccination. At the moment have no idea when the actual operation will be.😲

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Well things have moved a pace!! Pre op tests moved forward for tomorrow!! If all goes well my operation will be on the 29th ,next Wednesday!!!! Eeeek!

Just wonder what the tests are? As it seems I'm at the hospital from 9-5?

I'm still trying to get my head round it all. Actually happening after a long wait.






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  • HearPeers Heroes

@Tracey_66 I had a CT scan of my head, a physical from my regular doctor to get approval for the surgery, and some pre-op hearing tests from my CI audiologist.  Some people, if I recall correctly, also get things like balance tests in case of vertigo, but I didn't have that.

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Sadly not all as it seems.

To Say I'm  disappointed is an understatement.

I've had everything asked for, except a balance test.

We've got to a point where prior to the operation. We found out that the implant not at the hospital!!

Also the vaccination prior to the operation I've still not had . Worse no one seems to know.

So at present have no idea when I when I will get my implant. I'm not sure which  I'll be having at this rate...

So will see.😟😩








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Well after last week's fiasco. Our Spanish friend who was with us, went one further she actually got through to the consultant today, I suspect asking what's going on.

As a family our Spanish not that bad , lived here for more than 20 years, although we live in Andalusia they really do speak very quickly!!! ( I do lip read in Spanish but there are times when it's just tooo fast!!) So it was extremely kind of her to go out of her way to query on my behalf.

Sooooo roll the drums!!

Tomorrow I'm having my vaccination.

The operation has been booked for the 5th of February.


fingers crossed no more hiccups.








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