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Insurance - USA issue


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I have a question to others in the US.

I am approaching Medicare age (I'm 65 next year) and am considering Medicare options - so cost is an issue

Currently I have insurance via my wife's office plan which is pretty good.

Next year will be different.

I am wondering what other Medicare users are experiencing with CI continuing costs 

I don't want or expect dollar value as that is personal,

Just want to know is these continuing CI costs are covered or out-of-pocket expenses. That tip of info.



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@Mary Beth

I live in California and have been on Medicare, with an Anthem Blue Cross Supplement, throughout my CI journey. Since Medicare is my primary coverage, they pay their percentage of their approved rate first and my supplemental insurance pays the balance. I believe the breakdown is 80% Medicare and 20% Anthem Blue Cross but I’m not certain.

All my costs have been fully covered by these two coverages: surgeries, processors, MAPpings, batteries, and, most recently, my upgrades. I have not paid any out of pocket expenses related to my CIs (I’m bilateral: first 02/2014; second 09/2014).

i believe you would would be faced with out of pocket expenses only if you did not have a Medicare supplement, or if your supplement plan was in some way restrictive.

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I am in the same situation and have been trying to figure out how to proceed with Medicare.  Your question and response have been helpful.  Thank you.

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