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AudioKey 2 app available in the US

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@Mary Beth Appears to be linking the buttons between sides is my guess (they're definitely stylized links in a chain). I hadn't seen the app was out, will have to check it out later.

Weird that the FDA PMA database hasn't been updated yet to reflect this. The initial release of AudioKey is listed in there so wonder why this isn't?

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@Mary Beth the app team has already gotten back to me :) 

Here is their explanation: The icons/ symbols you are referring to are only visible for bilateral users who have both audio processors connected to AudioLink. 

The first icon (the closed chain symbol) means that the settings you change in this category are made to both processors at the same time. This is called "combined mode". The second icon (the open chain symbol) means that the left and the right audio processor are controlled seperately for this setting. 

You can also see the difference by looking at the buttons below the settings: The +/- buttons for "Sensitivity" are bigger and connected (so 1 button for both processors), whereas below you can see two buttons next to each other (one for left, one for right). 

I hope that answers your question. If you have further or more detailled questions, you can get in touch with our app team directly via audiokey@medel.com

Best, Verena  

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14 hours ago, phobos512 said:

Ah ha, exactly what I thought :)


@MED-EL Moderator I can't help but notice that there's an AudioStream menu in the new app...Any news along those lines that can be shared?

@phobos512 thanks for your question. Yes, the AudioStream menu is included because AudioKey 2 is necessary for the initial configuration of AudioStream and for updates. However, once set up, you don't need AudioKey 2 for your daily streaming with AudioStream. You can read more here: https://www.medel.com/hearing-solutions/accessories/connectivity/audiostream 

Hope that answers your question. If not, please let me know :) 

Best, Verena 

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