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AudioLink connectivity issues

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I use the AudioLink a lot for audiobooks and podcasts and it gives me great joy. In comparison to the Roger pen the sound is better and the design is, too. The Roger pen was kind of over-designed with it tiny little buttons. I really love the mixing options. 100% from the AudioLink and nothing from the rest of the world is perfect for me. I experience very little problems with static.

However, every 4 weeks the AudioLink starts making crackling noise until it gets inaudible. In my case it is the audio adapter cable (the one with the 90 degree angle) losing connection with the AudioLink. At first I hold it together with a rubber band, but this does not last very long. I think I treat the cable gentle. As it is still under warranty, every 4 weeks I get a new full set of AudioLink including all the accessories from MEDEL. That is good for me, but a waste for MEDEL?

I have also tried the APP, but it does not work consistently. There are days where the APP keeps switching itself off. Also the sound quality is lower than using the cables. So no real option to work around the cable connectivity problem. Regarding the APP MEDEL fed back to me "The Audio2Ear app, just like other apps of its type, may not always be of the greatest quality because it converts the signal to an older profile.  Since the app converts to the signal to an older profile, the overall quality may be lower – but may be sufficient for most applicationsIt’s the same with A2DPblocker and BTMono."

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the AudioLink cable?

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Are you using one CI or two?

Oddly enough I find the sound quality with the AudioLink to be good when listening with only my left or only my right Sonnet.  When I listen to both sides together the sound quality drops a lot.  It seems they are not in sync.


It is a waste for sure for Med-El to have to ship the entire AudioLink kit when just that one cable is to blame.


I have not been able to use my AudioLink consistently enough to know if that cable gives out.  The audio quality is not good when listening bilaterally for me.  I am using the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop.  No cables.  Very good audio.  I have been using it everyday for over 4 years.  Med-El introduced me to it and it is now a connectivity option in US processor kits.  (T delivers only the streamed audio)

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I've had issues with the cable periodically --> will need to wiggle it to re-establish connection.

Also have been very frustrated with the Audiolink connectivity to the sound processor by bluetooth when using the mic. We are trying to do aural rehab with my 11 year old with SSD. I would have the Audiolink mic turned on for me to speak into it, and she needs to be in a different room with the door closed so she doesn't hear me through her hearing ear. The bluetooth range between the sound processor (my child) and the Audiolink mic seems to be no more than 15 feet. And even then, when I turn the mic on, there sometimes is still lost signal for a few seconds.  It's been quite challenging. 

I can't speak to the sound quality as it's my child who is with the CI and she's only been activated for 2 weeks and she has no word recognition yet. I just know that she was highly irritated by the static when we attempted to use walky-talkies to communicate when we did the aural rehab exercises (must be the interference). 

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I can not use my AudioLink at 15 feet distance nor through a closed door.

Some options to consider.....

1) Artone BT neckloop with Artone Mic (2 items).  Processor needs to be on MT or T.  (If using the Rondo 3, telecoil adapter needs to be plugged into the port.). Artone neckloop is $129 and Artone Mic is $99.  Available online through Diglo (which used to be Harris Communications)


2) If your daughter’s school has Roger assistive listening devices available to borrow, this is an option as well.  These are expensive to purchase and can not be ordered directly from Phonak.  So people either need to order this through an audiologist (which increases the price) or online from places like Connevans in the UK that ship internationally.


3) Record yourself or use recorded apps/videos to train and connect the processor to the device. (Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop with Rondo 3 telecoil adapter plugged in)


I hope you figure something out.  I’m sure the static and dropped audio is very frustrating for your daughter.


Wishing her the very best.

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I love my AudioLink for watching TV (I now feel like I can't watch without it).  I am scheduled to have a second implant and one of my reasons was that I would like to use the AudioLink bilaterally.  I'm disappointed to hear that Mary Beth finds the sound drops when listening with two.

I had an issue with the AudioLink in that it would often freeze.  The sound would stop and I could not turn it off.  I would have to use the tool (supplied with AudioLink) to pry it apart, snap it back together, and then it would be fine again (sound working & on/off working).  As this happened multiple times in an evening, I found it very frustrating. The included tool made me wonder if it was a known issue.  I asked my audiologist about it and she had Med-El exchange the front piece (I kept the back piece, the battery).  The freezing has not happened at all with the new one. 

Years ago I tried Quattro but found it pretty much useless.

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I exchanged my AudioLink piece for an updated firmware one too.  It froze once even with the new firmware but unfortunately the sound quality when listening with 2 CIs for me is quite disappointing.

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