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Mentor for spanish language


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Good evening.

My name is Patricio Medina from Chile. I am the father of Olivia and Trinidad Medina. Olivia has billateral cochlear implants and Trinidad is a 2020 ideas4ears winner. We visited Innsbruck in june 2020.
Spanish is my mother language, I am fluent in english and learning German on B1 level.
I lived in Innsbruck for 3 months last year since march to June. I returned to Chile because of covid19 pandemic.
I am an It professional and amateur photographer and videographer.(Instagram @patrickfototirol)
Since Olivias diagnosis, me and my wife started a facebook page for spanish speaking parents of CI children (@padresimplantecoclear) and we have a strong compromise with helping and guiding other parents.
I would like to express my interest and availability to become a hearpeers mentor in the spanish language.
I would like to help other parents in the process of CI surgerys and therapy.
Looking forward to your reply
Patricio Medina
@MED-EL Moderator #innsbruck #ideas4ears
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@Patricio, maybe you can help me improve my Spanish lol, just kidding 🙂

My mother and her side of the family are from El Salvador and Spain, and i grew up speaking Spanish. But my parents divorced when I was young, and I moved worth my dad or of state, and lost a lot of my Spanish. 

That's a really great thing you are doing! I hope you have good luck helping other Spanish speakers with CIs! 

¡Buena suerte! 

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Thanks for taggins us @Mary Beth and welcome to the HearPeers forum, @Patricio, nice to see you on here as well! :) 

I will let our HearPeers team know about your interest and get back to you with more information!

Best, Verena 


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