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Future BTE processor wish list

Mary Beth

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My wish list for the next BTE processor:

1). Keep disposable battery packs as an option please.

2). Keep the telecoil built in.

3). Move the BTLE receiver into the processor.

4). Allow users (through the app) a way to change the mixing ratios of streamed BTLE audio- all the way to 100/0 streamed audio only.

5). Design an app that allows us to use it when WiFi is not available.

6). Please do not go any larger.  The design that fits comfortably behind ears is great but with AudioStream I am at my max for processor length.

7). Use the processor mic during calls to pick up our voice so we do not have  to hold the phone up to speak.


My @MED-EL Moderator holiday wish list!  Smile 


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This is a great idea to share feedback on a future wishlist, as a photographer I'm constantly giving feedback to Canon for future upgrades & current firmware wishes. I am too new to really formulate my thoughts but def. my first desire is for an improvement to the Audio2Ear app, there should be no need to sign in each time it's incredibly annoying--especially having to enter my password. thanks! @MED-EL Moderator

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  • HearPeers Heroes

@Jared Charney

Good point.  

With AudioStream there is no need to ever use the Audio2Ear app as all audio from phones streams directly without be altered by an app.

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