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I remember once someone mentioned new tech is only introduced once in every 5 years.  Does it mean there are no new accessories introduced in the interim? Is every company only allowed one improvement every 5 years?  And i'm most interested to know if Med El is working on any waterwear solution that's compatible with Neptune for example or any alternative to current waterwear. 


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There is no limit to how often or when new CI tech or accessories can be introduced.  A lot of processor generations are spaced 5 years apart possibly because most insurance plans in the US will not approve processors before then.


Med-El has introduced new items every year.


Recently Med-El released the AudioLink intermediary device for Sonnet and Sonnet 2.


Neptune is a waterproof body worn processor by a different brand.  Some of my students have it and refuse to wear it in the water because of how it sounds and because of how it’s worn.  That varies person to person.


Are you wondering if Med-El is planning on introducing a body worn waterproof processor?  Since Med-El never announces info on future tech, we have no way of knowing.


Although waterwear on Rondo/Rondo 2 can be expensive for frequent water use, I love the way it fits skin tight against the processor and absolutely love the way things sound.


There are features of various CI brands that appeal to me.  But from what I have heard users report, Rondo/Rondo 2 in waterwear delivers much better sound than other options.  I do not even need to adjust the volume.  But again, it can be expensive.


Sonnet/Sonnet 2 waterwear does not fit skin tight and does not appeal to me at all.  

Which processors do you use in the water?

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Thanks @Mary Beth

I use my Sonnets for every day and when I go kayaking/ paddle boarding on calm water.   Then I also carry a ziplock bag in my life jacket on board in case I come across unexpected rough conditions/wake.

I have rondo which I do like better in the waterwear,  however,  the thin line combined with the relatively heavy weight for its size make me nervous to wear for surf/action water sports/ anything more active than swimming in flats or low surf.  I have no problem peddle boarding in minimal waves conditions or swimming in minimal waves but anything over 1ft waves I go deaf in the water.   I think a processor that can be clipped securely on area different than the side of the head or a larger/stronger  tether will be more practical so I really hope med el develop accessory that can accommodate activity in high surf/rolling ocean wave..  that's my wish.

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I do go riding waves in the ocean with my Rondos in waterwear, then in eargear covers with tether and clip (clipped to swim shirt) all under a nammucap.  Everything stays in place and sounds great.  It amazes me every time.

I feel safer in the ocean being able to hear.  I swam in the ocean for many years as deaf and just had to be more visually attentive.  It’s nice to be able to hear while riding waves.

I hope you find something that works for you @Nikki.  Paddle boarding sounds lovely.

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