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Steering the BT connection between iPhone and iPad with AudioStream

Mary Beth

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@Ralph34 will you share how you steer your AudioStream BT connection between iPhone and iPad?




@Dave in Pittsburgh




@Jared Charney



@Bill C


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Thank you. I’ve not had luck steering my AS. Looking forward to hearing other users solutions. 

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My experience steering AudioStream connections:

My iPhone is fairly old and I believe newer versions are better at handing off the BlueTooth connection between devices.

if you are having difficulty this is how it works for me.

Note: The AudioStream can only be connected to one device at a time. This example is for transferring streaming from IPad to IPhone ( vice versa is the same process).

1. With BlueTooth connected to the iPad and streaming , the Bluetooth is already turned off on the iPhone.

2. To steer the BlueTooth connection to the iPhone

A.  Shut off the BT on the iPad.
B. Turn on the BT on the iphone. The connection will immediately establish on the iphone.

To transfer the connection back again use the same process…….turn BT off on the active device and turn it on on the other.


To quickly check if your device is connected to BlueTooth, quickly click the “home” button three times.
If the pop-up display just says “ xxx Hearing Device” it is NOT connected to BT.  
if the pop-up also shows the battery % , it IS connected to BlueTooth.


Turning BlueTooth(BT) on or off can be done two ways:

1. Open settings, click BlueTooth and flip the switch at the top right.


2. From any active screen Swipe down screen from the top right corner on an iPad   Or Swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone. A number of functions will be displayed including a B for BlueTooth. Toggle it on or off.

Good luck

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