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First ever Med-El Meetup in Innsbruck, Austria

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@Mary Beth Thanks, this is super useful. It's good to know you get so much in one kit! I have bought two designs, one for each processor (it's painful when I get them mixed up - do you get that?) so all the options should keep me going for a while. I never use my FM covers and it looks fairly straightforward to trim one down. I will post pics when mine arrive!

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Day 1- Hotel Innsbruck ...terrific gathering of most of the participants...a few were still traveling to Innsbruck .....and many Med-El Innsbruck employees.  So many stories shared.  Tears of apprecia

Day 3 - We began today with group photos outside Med-El headquarters near the Med-El sign.  Then we focused on digital media all morning.  Breakout groups focused on topics such as: -What digital

Thanks @Mary Beth - you did a great job of promoting the HearPeers Forum in Innsbruck and it's great to be here! I am a HearPeers mentor on the UK version of the site - here is a link to my profile wh

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My internals (right is Concerto and left is Synchrony) will only work with processors programmed for them specifically so if I put my left processor on my right side, I don’t hear anything.

I am not sure when that safety measure began.  I know older units did not have that in place.

But to make life easier, I have tiny sticker dots on the inside of my left and right processors.  Red for right. Blue for left.


Looking forward to seeing your SkinIt designs!

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@Mary Beth good point, I don't know what I have inside. I'll add it to my list of things you've inspired me to ask at my next appointment! My 'old' processor (R) works on my 'newer' implant (L), but not in reverse. My old processor sounds extremely loud on my more recent implant, I think because it's so dominant and must be turned up louder, so it's a painful mistake to make! I have coloured wire twists now to remind me.

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On 10/21/2018 at 3:42 PM, Kara of Canada said:

SO @Mary Beth you got to meet @Ivana Marinac! How was it? I would love to meet you both! 

It was incredible - like you dream something and than puf! It happens!

To meet a person in live with whom you’ve exchanged so many HP and PM messages and - you’ve never seen each other... - Just imagine....

it was my privilege and honour to meet you, Mary Beth!

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