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Julie F

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Hi! My name is Julie and I will be implanted on Dec 4! I have sudden onset of SSD which happened a year and a half ago. Since the FDA approved CIs for SSD, my insurance approved so I’m going for it! I do have a question....what are the differences between the Audiolink, Roger Pen and Roger Select? I get to choose one but not sure which is best. My processor will be the Sonnet.  Your opinions are appreciated! Than you!

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@Julie F


single sided deaf and assistive tech is unique.  You may want ways to deliver sound to both your acoustic ear and your CI simultaneously.  (Like listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc)

AudioLink is a proprietary device from Med-El for Sonnet and Sonnet 2.  It will not deliver sound to your acoustic side and is only true BT for phone calls.  Otherwise you need to use cables or a conversion app in the background, which degraded the sound for me.

Roger Select/Roger Pen also will deliver sound to only your CI side but you would have the option to purchase a Roger receiver for your acoustic ear.  But I highly doubt you would want to do that.  Of the two, Roger Select has more advanced mic tech.

You may prefer to use CozyPhones flat stereo speakers or BOSE QC35 around the ear BT headphones.  Both will deliver sound to both sides.

While isolating your CI side for training, you may want to use the....

-Med-El red jack direct audio input cable with FM battery door

Wishing you the best!


@VeroNika is single sided deaf with CI.  She will have lots of tips.

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Thanks @Mary Beth and hello @Julie F!

I have been activated for 6 months now, using a Sonnet, after a year of SSD from a sudden illness. My other ear has excellent hearing.

This poses an interesting problem in that rehab requires isolating the CI so the good ear doesn't cheat. So as mentioned in previous post, the best way is to plug in using the cable. Which was practised during my initial visit with the audiologist. I do that nearly every day and it is very straightforward.

However I do not use any other tech devices (nor was I offered any in my package so I haven't had reason to try) because in everyday situations I use the combined hearing power of my good ear plus CI.

But if I had a free device I would certainly take it and play with it! I just have no opinion on what might be most useful.

I am keen to hear if anyone else is using them with SSD...



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