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Time for some fun- favorite sounds

Mary Beth

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Let’s have a bit of fun.

Post your favorite sounds to match how many years you have had your CI.  8 favorite sounds for 8 years, 2 favorite sounds for 2 years, etc.  If you have been activated less than a year- use months (5 favorite sounds for 5 months)


tagging some members to get things started.  Everyone is welcome to join in.




@Robbin J




@Anne N


@Jared Charney

@Bill C





@Karen T


@Heather W


@Mary Jo Strickland





@Kirk S.


@Mary Featherston




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  • HearPeers Heroes

I have been using my CIs for 8 wonderful years

1- voices of my loved ones 

2- sounds of nature

3- purrs, chirps and various meows from our cats

4- music, music and more music

5- household sounds that let me know what everyone is doing in other rooms just by listening

6- live performances

7- laughter and giggles 

8- voices of strangers during brief interactions on elevators, beaches, stores 

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Super, mine is almost same as your @Mary Beth but in months

1. All my loved ones whose voices I desperately wanted to listen since years but especially my 10 yo kid's.

2. All natural sounds, wind, rain, thunder, bird singing, cricket chirping. 

3. Music is back in life with full force

5. All little sounds like ticking of the wall clock, ceiling fan, neighbour's talk. Voices of stranger talking on side of the road while I am on walk.

6. Moments when all above sounds are getting better and better. 🙂

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Mine is probably different because I'm single-sided deaf, and therefore hear all of those pleasant things with my one good ear anyway. Also I've only been activated for 2 months. I'll still try to play :)

1) recognizable speech. It's incredible and trippy to hear words with my left ear for the first time in my life 

2) familiar music. While music still sounds bizarre, depending on the song and my familiarity with it, I can hear nuance within it when streaming directly to my processor, and that is extremely cool



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Not sure how to best count my time with CIs so I’ll just use the difference and say 2 years to keep it simple. 

1. All the sounds my cats make, chirps, grumbles, whines, meows, purrs. 

2. Sounds of nature that I’d never been able to hear before. Nature is… loud. 

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1 month so not much to add but getting better all the time. Favorite is car blinker so know when to turn it off!!


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Activated January this year. CI on left, HA on right.

1. Chilly, rainy day. Started car, turned on heater, radio and windshield wipers. Heard "ticking" in car, pulled over, thinking something was amiss. Realized it was rain on car roof!  It's been a few years since I heard it. Gosh, I missed that sound.

2. This week I decided to try and return to a mahjong group that I had quit because it was too stressful not to be able to follow the chit-chat. I explained that I might not stay. Four tables of background noise, 2 new people I was introduced to (didn't understand those names at all!).  TWENTY MINUTES LATER, I realized I was communicating and hearing normally!! My brain had adjusted to the new sounds. Amazing!

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Such an amazing WOW moment!

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Something difficult to summarize in 8 sounds only. But here are my eight 

  • 1. Firstly as some as commented. The return of voice of people (close to you and others... ) I think this is more appreciated.
  • 2. Water falls into a glass
  • 3. Raining drops
  • 4. The sea
  • 5. Nature
  • 6 My dog
  • 7. Music, TV, radio phone calls (something dificult to me yet, but... I'm fortunate I suppose to recover it although is not perfect) 
  • 8. cars, trucks, buses, trains... (important in order to be able to walk safely on the street).


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  • HearPeers Heroes

Nearly 4 years for me. That has gone fast! Also mine are specific to SSD experience.

1. Singing in groups (hearing people on both sides!)

2. Kids in the car behind me

3. Sitting anywhere in a work meeting or training and hearing the speaker anywhere in the room

4. Birds singing in the trees




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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi @Mary Beth!  Five years for me.

1. Voices, as everyone else has said.  Being able to sit and talk to my husband without struggling.  And co-workers, and friends and my brother!  It's weird after years the other way around, but my brother, who still uses hearing aids, now seems to have a harder time than I do.5.

2. Birds.  We get a lot of birds and I can hear them now.

3. Music, even the odd bits like my washing machine playing "Die Forelle" to tell me the cycle is done.

4. We don't have cats anymore after losing our Katy last year but before that since being implanted I could hear meows and purrs. 

5. I went to a play a couple of weeks ago - the Aaron Sorkin version of To Kill A Mockingbird, with Richard Thomas.  The theater was looped and I could hear ALL the dialogue.  It was awesome.

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Four years

The birds chirping in the garden
The wind in the trees.
The stream running after the first winter rains.
Benny Goodman's clarinet.

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  • HearPeers Heroes

My wife’s voice

i play bass, so I love hearing the bass line in blues and jazz songs, as well as the other instruments playing 



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